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Improve Recall

With an unforgettable vanity number, you can increase response rates up to 58%. Our customers see results like this every day!

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Billboards, television, radio, online – put your advertising into overdrive with a custom vanity number.

Boost Sales

Watch sales skyrocket and referrals increase when you add a new vanity toll-free number to your marketing mix. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to help your bottom line.

Why Ignition Toll Free?

We specialize in vanity toll-free numbers and work with businesses large and small to find them the perfect vanity number. Our vanity numbers come with the latest call-tracking technology and there’s no long-term commitment – stay with Ignition Toll Free as long as you’d like.

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Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

“I have been able to increase my business by a third doing the exact same advertising I was doing before. I was using 866-61-GIANT before I switched to 1-800-THE-GIANT. I never thought it would have made such a difference but it did.”

Mike Kay
Mike KayHealth Insurance Giant, 1-800-THE-GIANT

“Once we implemented 1-800-PERFECT into our marketing we doubled our call volume. It allowed us to spend almost 50% less on advertising and still receive the same amount of calls.”

Joe Bergin
Joe BerginPerfect Realty

I was only half sold on the idea of using 1-800-JUMBO-LOAN but I took your word for it and decided to try the number. Over a period of three weeks I have placed small ads in the local newspaper using only 1-800-JUMBO-LOAN. I have already received significantly more calls than I normally get and one of those resulted in a loan application of $1,000,000.00. The commission I will receive from this one application will pay for the use of the number for the next 2 years. Thank you. I am sold on 1-800-JUMBO-LOAN.

Lynn W.
Lynn W.Michigan lessee of 1-800-JUMBO-LOAN

I have to tell you, the print marketing we did with 1-800-VARICOSE worked very well.

M. Larson
M. LarsonMarketing Director

We love getting the frequent new patient emails from our profile page on It looks like it’s been one or two a week. Nice!

T. Tynal
T. TynalLicensee of 1-800-VARICOSE

1-888-FENCING is the best marketing strategy I have ever seen.

Bo Pierce
Bo PierceUser of 1-888-FENCING

1-888-FENCING is bringing me business. Since introducing it into my advertising I have become very busy. I started with 3 area codes and just got 2 more because of the results I am getting.

Ryan Shewmake
Ryan ShewmakeUser of 1-888-FENCING

I want you and your staff to know that I am very impressed with your operation and that you are an inspiration to me. Please send kudos to all involved.

Brian Aldrich
Brian AldrichUser of 1-888-FENCING

I got a call yesterday from a gentleman who told me that even though he had seen several different fencing companies’ advertisements, the only reason he called me was because he could remember my number.

Ray Reysabio
Ray ReysabioUser of 1-888-FENCING

We have had at least five builders who have inquired and three who have started with us in the last year because of the number.

Michael Appleman
Michael Appleman1-800-DRYWALL Licensee

Once we incorporated 1-800-VARICOSE into our practice marketing and advertising it easily and consistently paid for itself and moreevery month. People really remember the number.

Thomas L. Eaton
Thomas L. EatonMD, Licensee of 1-800-VARICOSE

We did a study that analyzed people who called our practice with 1-800-VEIN-DOC and those who contacted us online. We found that people who called become patients within 2 weeks but those who contacted us through our website took over 90 days. The number works great.

Diane M.
Diane M. Marketing Exec. Atlanta, GA

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