Vanity numbers are not magic.

Vanity numbers are not magic. You need to use them for them to work. If you create a consistent brand image that incorporates your vanity number you will see huge results. I am highlighting a local Michigan company in this post. They embraced their vanity number and have thrived using it.

For the businesses that thinks they don’t need a vanity number, just look at the images below. No amount of advertising will ever produce anything as memorable as a solid vanity number baked into every facet of your marketing. Yes, with enough advertising, people might remember your company but they won’t remember how to reach you. Not like they will with a great business phone number.

You may read this and say to yourself, “they sell toll free numbers, so of course they tell me they work.” But we are not biased, we’re just informed. And know you are too. Call Ignition and start making your phone turn into your best salesperson. 1-800-STRONG-SALES.

877-dry-mich toll free number

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