The Internet is Designed to Beat You

The internet is designed to beat you.
They surround your ad with other competing ads.

They charge you by the number of people who inquire, whether or not you are successful in monetizing that inquiry.

They even sell your own name to other people.

The internet cannot afford to allow anybody to dominate a category or an area or a location. If it did, the dominant player would eventually drive all others out, weakening the internet’s economic base. The dominant player would be driving the truck instead of the internet and social media giants.

The internet will always defeat you. It is designed to do so, so that it can retain control over its own income. Do you think Google would allow one company to take over the national spotlight and dominate? No. Every time you gets close, they change the algorithm and you’ve got to spend money trying to figure out how to do it all over again.

How do you defeat the internet?
By overshadowing it and not putting yourself in the position where you have to rely on it in order to grow your business. You do it by having a marketing campaign that ingrains your company into the hearts and minds of all the people in your community so that when they think of your product or service they think of you and call your unforgettable phone number. If people know your phone number, they don’t have to go to the internet and be exposed to the gauntlet of your competitors, directory sites and review sites.
Plus, when you drive people to your phone you sell more. Plenty of data shows that calls convert 20-40x more than web leads, which only convert 1-2% of the time. Even Google is pegging the value of a call at 10-15x more than a web form submission.

You can choose to fight a never-ending battle with your competitors for internet supremacy (a battle that you can never win), or you can build a lasting advantage that your competitors can’t duplicate. The choice is yours.

It’s simple and it works. Don’t overthink it.

While the idea of an easy-to-remember phone number might seem too simple and easily be dismissed, as we know, sometimes the simple things are the ones that make the biggest difference. With the above in mind, here are three reasons why you should secure a vanity phone number from Ignition:

  1. An unforgettable vanity phone number creates instant value. Companies spend tons of money trying to tell people what they do and how to reach them. With a premium vanity number, if a person were to only see your phone number, they would still know what you do and how to reach you.
  1. More calls equal more sales, thus reducing your cost per lead. A quality vanity number is 110% more effective than a numeric phone number. Even URLs are 78% less effective than a vanity phone number. This is why vanity numbers are shown to decrease the cost per lead by up to 66%.
  1. A vanity number provides an unforgettable and direct means of communication that increases your likelihood of getting a new customer/patient. Google estimates calls are worth 3x more than clicks to a website. Our clients’ results show they are 14x more likely to become a new patient over the phone than online.

What are your advertising goals?

What is your main goal when advertising your business? The ultimate goal is obviously to get more new business – but you also want the maximum number possible of consumers (most of whom will not need you at that exact moment) to remember what services you offer and how to contact you.

A great vanity number will do just that. It will stand out in your ads, the number itself will tell people what services you offer, and 66% of people can remember a vanity number after 48 hours  — compared to 69% of consumers that cannot recall numeric phone numbers that they saw just 5 seconds earlier.

Call us at 1-800-Strong-Sales to find out how simple and inexpensive it can be to accomplish your advertising goals with the right vanity number.

You are 14x more likely to make a sale over the phone than you are online

Aside from meeting someone face-to-face (which is not always practical) the best way to make a sale or get a new client or patient is the phone. Not emails, form submissions, text messages or tweets. Not YouTube videos or chat screens.

On a phone call, ideas are shared clearly. You hear the other person’s tone and inflections. Questions are asked and answered immediately. You know you’re talking to a real person. It’s why you are 14x more likely to make a sale over the phone than you are online.

We want you to get more phone calls with a premium vanity number from Ignition Toll Free. Get your vanity number by calling 1-800-Strong-Sales.

Risky business

We spoke with a medical practice the other day and their marketing director told us they were no longer putting their phone number on their billboards. This got us wondering how many people will drive past their billboards and think, “I’ll call them when I get home” – and then forget to do so.

By not placing a number on your billboards, you are risking three things when it comes to people who want to act now:

  1. They need remember to look your number up when they get to their destination. How many distractions do you think they’ll encounter before then?
  2. By making them go online, you have taken someone who wanted to act at that moment and delayed it. When your billboard got their attention, you were the only business on their mind. Once they go online, they will likely bump into your competitors.
  3. They may forget to call entirely. You had them for a few seconds, but you lost them.

All of these risks could be avoided with a simple and unforgettable phone number from Ignition Toll Free that consumers can instantly remember and dial. Call us at 1-800-Strong-Sales today.

MasterCard uses vanity number for new card

Everyone knows MasterCard, but when they decided to launch their new line of credit cards called “Luxury Card” they made sure to use a vanity number to market it. They used the memorable phone number 844-LUX-CARD for two main reasons:

First, a company their size, and with their advertising experience, knows that it is vital to be easy to remember and that nothing accomplishes this better than an unforgettable number. They know that in today’s digital world, people who call a business are serious and more likely to buy.

Second, they feature their number boldly on all their commercials and on their website. If you want to get results with your vanity number then you should do this as well. You can’t use a vanity number in some places and not in others. Consumers need brand consistency.

MasterCard is not the only company utilizing vanity numbers. Next time you see a commercial for a new prescription drug pay attention, they always have a vanity business number as well. Using an unforgettable toll free number is one of the best ways to stretch your advertising dollars. You get more calls per ad and people can remember how to reach you.

What do you think? Call us at 1-800-STRONG-SALES to learn more.



844-lux-card – vanity number used by MasterCard for launch of new cards


Show your clients why bringing advertising in-house is a bad idea and why you’re the pro with access to Ignition’s vanity numbers.

“A new report from the Society of Digital Agencies, a network for marketing professionals, found that the share of brands claiming that they don’t work with any agencies at all doubled this year, to 27 percent.” –

There has been an increasing trend of advertising clients moving work in-house. More and more, clients are side-stepping advertising agencies to work directly with production companies and media companies – which generally lack the expertise and creativity of ad agencies. Media companies are cutting out ad agencies and going after clients in order to increase their profits – with the promise of saving them money.

Technology makes it easier for clients to attempt to market themselves without the involvement of an advertising agency by using blogs, social media, or buying their own ads online. However, clients typically do not understand the nuances of different types of media and lack the tools and knowledge to market their businesses effectively.

Agencies must find new ways to seize the attention of new clients and offer unique opportunities to existing clients. One of those ways is offering access to the catalog of unforgettable numbers from Ignition Toll-Free. Agencies that work with Ignition can show their clients that they have access to specialized products and pricing that they simply cannot get on their own.

We work with agencies to find the right vanity number for their clients. Agencies that would like to know more can contact us here, or call us at 1-800-Strong-Sales.

A simple marketing concept that works.

They say that an elephant never forgets, and neither will your advertising audience when they see your vanity phone number. Using a vanity number guarantees that people will remember exactly how to reach you. This means more calls, better response from advertisements and an extended return on every dollar spent.

Advertising with a vanity phone number is a simple concept, and one that works. You use the business phone number in your marketing and advertising so that people can remember how to reach you and refer you. When you become unforgettable, you get more calls, more referrals, more business and a better response off your advertising and everywhere else you market your business.


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