It’s simple and it works. Don’t overthink it.

While the idea of an easy-to-remember phone number might seem too simple and easily be dismissed, as we know, sometimes the simple things are the ones that make the biggest difference. With the above in mind, here are three reasons why you should secure a vanity phone number from Ignition:

  1. An unforgettable vanity phone number creates instant value. Companies spend tons of money trying to tell people what they do and how to reach them. With a premium vanity number, if a person were to only see your phone number, they would still know what you do and how to reach you.
  1. More calls equal more sales, thus reducing your cost per lead. A quality vanity number is 110% more effective than a numeric phone number. Even URLs are 78% less effective than a vanity phone number. This is why vanity numbers are shown to decrease the cost per lead by up to 66%.
  1. A vanity number provides an unforgettable and direct means of communication that increases your likelihood of getting a new customer/patient. Google estimates calls are worth 3x more than clicks to a website. Our clients’ results show they are 14x more likely to become a new patient over the phone than online.
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