The Internet is Designed to Beat You

The internet is designed to beat you.
They surround your ad with other competing ads.

They charge you by the number of people who inquire, whether or not you are successful in monetizing that inquiry.

They even sell your own name to other people.

The internet cannot afford to allow anybody to dominate a category or an area or a location. If it did, the dominant player would eventually drive all others out, weakening the internet’s economic base. The dominant player would be driving the truck instead of the internet and social media giants.

The internet will always defeat you. It is designed to do so, so that it can retain control over its own income. Do you think Google would allow one company to take over the national spotlight and dominate? No. Every time you gets close, they change the algorithm and you’ve got to spend money trying to figure out how to do it all over again.

How do you defeat the internet?
By overshadowing it and not putting yourself in the position where you have to rely on it in order to grow your business. You do it by having a marketing campaign that ingrains your company into the hearts and minds of all the people in your community so that when they think of your product or service they think of you and call your unforgettable phone number. If people know your phone number, they don’t have to go to the internet and be exposed to the gauntlet of your competitors, directory sites and review sites.
Plus, when you drive people to your phone you sell more. Plenty of data shows that calls convert 20-40x more than web leads, which only convert 1-2% of the time. Even Google is pegging the value of a call at 10-15x more than a web form submission.

You can choose to fight a never-ending battle with your competitors for internet supremacy (a battle that you can never win), or you can build a lasting advantage that your competitors can’t duplicate. The choice is yours.

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