MasterCard uses vanity number for new card

Everyone knows MasterCard, but when they decided to launch their new line of credit cards called “Luxury Card” they made sure to use a vanity number to market it. They used the memorable phone number 844-LUX-CARD for two main reasons:

First, a company their size, and with their advertising experience, knows that it is vital to be easy to remember and that nothing accomplishes this better than an unforgettable number. They know that in today’s digital world, people who call a business are serious and more likely to buy.

Second, they feature their number boldly on all their commercials and on their website. If you want to get results with your vanity number then you should do this as well. You can’t use a vanity number in some places and not in others. Consumers need brand consistency.

MasterCard is not the only company utilizing vanity numbers. Next time you see a commercial for a new prescription drug pay attention, they always have a vanity business number as well. Using an unforgettable toll free number is one of the best ways to stretch your advertising dollars. You get more calls per ad and people can remember how to reach you.

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844-lux-card – vanity number used by MasterCard for launch of new cards


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