A Perfect Business Phone Comparison

compare 2

Once in a while you get a perfect shot. Today was the day for me. I was sitting in traffic on my way to work when I saw the best real world comparison that I’ve seen in a long time. Two trucks idling in traffic with thousands of eyes on them. One had a truly unforgettable vanity phone number, the other a regular numeric phone number. Ask yourself two questions when you look at this picture:

  1.  Which number would you be most likely to remember?
  2.  If you had to spend money and advertise, which number would you rather put in your advertisements?

How much you pay for your business phone number each month is irrelevant if it does not generate business for you. In fact, the less it generates the less it should cost. That is why you can get any random phone number for $10/month from any phone provider. You go to Ignition when you want a number that generates sales. And the best part about it is that even though our numbers cost more than a random one, they generate wayyyyyy more business for you and in the end they are less expensive because they pay for themselves several times over each month.

You can stand out or you can blend in. This picture represents why a vanity number is so important.  Call Ignition. Get a vanity number. Increase your sales. Simple.


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