Partial Vanity Numbers

Partial Mnemonics / Partial Vanity Numbers – Dangerous for your bottom line

A bad number affects your bottom line more than you realize. It can hurt your business now and later.

We have premium affordable vanity numbers for both roofing and vein treatment, so we see numbers like 1-800-445-ROOF and 1-844-654-VEIN all the time. These numbers do nothing for the businesses that use them. This is because the consumer ends up only remembering the word and forgetting the numbers, so they only remember 800-something-ROOF or something-something-VEIN. The opportunity to acquire a new customer is now either lost or the consumer is forced to go online and search for contact info where they will undoubtedly run into all of the competitors of that business. In addition, the entire point of using a memorable number to put the consumer in direct and immediate contact with the business is lost since they don’t remember the number.

The second and potentially more devastating result is not as apparent, but in the long-term this results in an erosion of brand identity. When a business uses 1-800-543-VEIN and another uses 248-655-VEIN and another uses 888-332-VEIN it all starts to blur together to the consumer.

See for yourself. These are some examples of businesses in the same market competing for the same customers:

IMG_0952IMG_0944elite vein2

Now doesn’t 1-800-VEIN-DOC really stand out from the rest? 

1-800-VEIN-DOC metro vein


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