What are your advertising goals?

What is your main goal when advertising your business? The ultimate goal is obviously to get more new business – but you also want the maximum number possible of consumers (most of whom will not need you at that exact moment) to remember what services you offer and how to contact you.

A great vanity number will do just that. It will stand out in your ads, the number itself will tell people what services you offer, and 66% of people can remember a vanity number after 48 hours  — compared to 69% of consumers that cannot recall numeric phone numbers that they saw just 5 seconds earlier.

Call us at 1-800-Strong-Sales to find out how simple and inexpensive it can be to accomplish your advertising goals with the right vanity number.

A simple marketing concept that works.

They say that an elephant never forgets, and neither will your advertising audience when they see your vanity phone number. Using a vanity number guarantees that people will remember exactly how to reach you. This means more calls, better response from advertisements and an extended return on every dollar spent.

Advertising with a vanity phone number is a simple concept, and one that works. You use the business phone number in your marketing and advertising so that people can remember how to reach you and refer you. When you become unforgettable, you get more calls, more referrals, more business and a better response off your advertising and everywhere else you market your business.


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Some phone numbers are better than others

Your phone number is a marketing tool – and like all tools, some are better than others. Some numbers – like the toll-free vanity numbers that we provide – make marketing your business easier and your advertising more effective. And some are just random numbers; difficult to remember and resulting in missed opportunities.

You can make your phone number your most effective marketing tool. Learn more here.

More calls = More business

We can help you get more business by making you unforgettable. Make your number unforgettable and watch how it will make getting new business easier. When people can remember how to reach you – they can refer you and contact you more easily. Take the next step by contacting Ignition Toll-Free today.

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The one second business decision

In advertising and marketing, you’ll often have less than a single second to grab the person’s attention. How you spend that precious time is the difference between just another ad, and you getting a new customer.

Don’t waste that opportunity by advertising with something other than a high quality vanity toll-free number. It will make you absolutely unforgettable, so when a potential customer sees your advertisement, they’ll remember it. They’ll be able to call you, refer you and remember your brand.

An old reliable way to attract new business

Some things just work like a fork or a knife. They are time-tested and proven to be reliable. Vanity toll-free numbers are like that for business. That’s because they rely on the simple and basic principle that being easier to remember and refer means more business for you. All you have to do is make your vanity number part of your marketing.

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How can a phone number help my business?

There are two ways to view your business’s phone number.

One view is simply that it gives people a way to contact your business. The other is to view the number as a marketing tool. While technically both of these statements can be considered correct, we know through experience and testimonials that the second view is the one you should take for your business. So, if a phone number is a marketing tool, then like all tools, some are better than others. Some will make marketing your business easier and make your phone advertising more effective. If you can generate 10% more calls with a better number why wouldn’t you try and find the best number possible?

There are numerous benefits to having an unforgettable vanity phone number, but here are three that you may not have considered before:

1. Unforgettable phone numbers give people a direct form of communication that they can remember and refer. When people don’t know your number, they must search for your company online. Once online, they have the potential to encounter any one of your competitors. In fact, one study shows that consumers who go online to obtain the contact information of a business end up choosing another company than the one they originally searched for 36% of the time. If your number was unforgettable, people would not have to look you up in the first place.

2. Residual build up occurs once a toll free phone has been cemented in the marketplace. Anyone who has had to advertise before knows that every advertising company tells you to be consistent and repetitive with your advertising. While they are trying to reinforce your message and get you more business, the only thing you are hearing is that in order for it to work you need to keep spending. The problem is that most businesses don’t have the resources to advertise indefinitely, nor do they want to.  Every business owner dreams of running a successful business entirely off of referrals and not having to spend any money on advertising. The reality is that you have to advertise sometimes. With an unforgettable phone number you can streamline your advertising and still generate a higher response. And more calls per advertisement means you can run fewer campaigns and save money while still increasing your business. Here is where it gets really good: after advertising with a truly unforgettable phone number for an extended period, everyone in your market will know your phone number. Here in Metro Detroit you can ask anyone what Sam Bernstein’s or Hanson’s phone number is and they will know (P.S. its 1-800-CALL-SAM™ and 1-800-HANSONS™, respectively.)

3. Next to face-to-face, the phone still leads to more sales than any other form of communication. People who are serious call. People who need you now call. People who are ready to buy call. When you use an unforgettable vanity number you are telling people that you are focused on customer service and making it convenient for people to contact you. If you have ever been on a website where you can’t find a phone number then you know exactly what we are referring to.