What they should have taught in Medical School

Owning your own medical practice and having to generate new patients is probably something they did not teach back in medical school. Trying to figure out how to grow your practice can seem like a daunting challenge. Ignition Toll Free can help you grow with a vanity toll-free number. Our medical inventory includes 1-888-Hear-Clear, 1-800-Vein-Doc, 1-800-Ideal-You, 1-800-My-Eye-Doc – just to name a few.

As difficult as marketing and advertising can be, it becomes even more challenging if you’re not making your practice easy to contact and refer. When you use a vanity phone number, every advertisement you do has the opportunity to generate more calls than before. Whether it is online advertising, TV, radio, billboards, or even the sign outside your building – using this number will make your practice unforgettable.

Prior to owning your own practice, you probably relied entirely on word-of-mouth referrals from other physicians and had no need to advertise. But now it’s different. When you target the general public, referrals are much more difficult to come by. Owning a vanity phone number makes it extremely easy for people to refer you to their family, friends and coworkers.

We can’t do what you do

Our business is acquiring and licensing high quality vanity toll-free phone numbers. Don’t confuse our recommendation that you should license one of our numbers as us trying to tell you your business. You know your business better than anyone. What we are trying to tell you is that if you advertise, you will get more business if you advertise with a number that is memorable and tells your audience what you do.

Vanity numbers are common sense. People remember words better than numbers. They respond better to a vanity number than a website because it puts them in direct contact with your business instead of them having to search for you.

How can a phone number help my business?

There are two ways to view your business’s phone number.

One view is simply that it gives people a way to contact your business. The other is to view the number as a marketing tool. While technically both of these statements can be considered correct, we know through experience and testimonials that the second view is the one you should take for your business. So, if a phone number is a marketing tool, then like all tools, some are better than others. Some will make marketing your business easier and make your phone advertising more effective. If you can generate 10% more calls with a better number why wouldn’t you try and find the best number possible?

There are numerous benefits to having an unforgettable vanity phone number, but here are three that you may not have considered before:

1. Unforgettable phone numbers give people a direct form of communication that they can remember and refer. When people don’t know your number, they must search for your company online. Once online, they have the potential to encounter any one of your competitors. In fact, one study shows that consumers who go online to obtain the contact information of a business end up choosing another company than the one they originally searched for 36% of the time. If your number was unforgettable, people would not have to look you up in the first place.

2. Residual build up occurs once a toll free phone has been cemented in the marketplace. Anyone who has had to advertise before knows that every advertising company tells you to be consistent and repetitive with your advertising. While they are trying to reinforce your message and get you more business, the only thing you are hearing is that in order for it to work you need to keep spending. The problem is that most businesses don’t have the resources to advertise indefinitely, nor do they want to.  Every business owner dreams of running a successful business entirely off of referrals and not having to spend any money on advertising. The reality is that you have to advertise sometimes. With an unforgettable phone number you can streamline your advertising and still generate a higher response. And more calls per advertisement means you can run fewer campaigns and save money while still increasing your business. Here is where it gets really good: after advertising with a truly unforgettable phone number for an extended period, everyone in your market will know your phone number. Here in Metro Detroit you can ask anyone what Sam Bernstein’s or Hanson’s phone number is and they will know (P.S. its 1-800-CALL-SAM™ and 1-800-HANSONS™, respectively.)

3. Next to face-to-face, the phone still leads to more sales than any other form of communication. People who are serious call. People who need you now call. People who are ready to buy call. When you use an unforgettable vanity number you are telling people that you are focused on customer service and making it convenient for people to contact you. If you have ever been on a website where you can’t find a phone number then you know exactly what we are referring to.

Blood, sweat and more business

You’ve worked hard to get where you are at in business. Now it’s time to work smart. Ignition can help you make your advertising more effective and get more calls and referrals by matching your business with a vanity number from our inventory. If you haven’t tried advertising with an unforgettable number, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Call us at 1-800-Strong-Sales or use our contact form to learn more.

You’ve probably been looking for us

Without even realizing it, you’ve probably been looking for Ignition Toll Free.  If you have ever wanted something that made you easier to contact, easier to refer, and would reinforce your brand – then a vanity number from Ignition is what you were looking for. We can help you get more calls. Many of our clients report increases of 25-30% or more in their advertising response after switching from their old local number to a toll-free vanity number.

On the phone and through the door

One of our largest clients recently completed their very own advertising study. Over a three month period they analyzed all the leads they received over the phone and through the internet. After comparing the data the results were pretty revealing. People who called their vanity phone number ended up booking their appointments and becoming bona fide patients within 2 weeks. Those who submitted their information online took 90 days before they became patients. On top of that the online leads required more resources to secure the patient. A staff member had to contact each person who had submitted their information online to confirm their appointment and insurance. Often the person was not available so it required a second or third call. So not only did the people who called become patients faster, but they also required less effort for the practice. Thanks to their vanity number they are enjoying 35% more calls than when they advertised with a random number. More calls = more patients(faster).