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On the phone and through the door

One of our largest clients recently completed their very own advertising study. Over a three month period they analyzed all the leads they received over the phone and through the internet. After comparing the data the results were pretty revealing. People who called their vanity phone number ended up booking their appointments and becoming bona fide patients within 2 weeks. Those who submitted their information online took 90 days before they became patients. On top of that the online leads required more resources to secure the patient. A staff member had to contact each person who had submitted their information online to confirm their appointment and insurance. Often the person was not available so it required a second or third call. So not only did the people who called become patients faster, but they also required less effort for the practice. Thanks to their vanity number they are enjoying 35% more calls than when they advertised with a random number. More calls = more patients(faster).

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