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Not all numbers are created equal

Ignition Toll Free has some of the best vein treatment vanity numbers available. Our inventory includes 1-800-VARICOSE, 1-800-VEIN-DOC, 1-888-VEIN-DOC, 1-888-VEIN-CARE and 1-866-VASCULAR. We often encounter vein treatment practices claiming that they already have a vanity phone number. When asked what the phone number is many times the staff member on the phone cannot recall it but it ends up being some sort of play on the word “vein” or “legs” such as 714-322-VEIN or 678-398-LEGS. These are not vanity numbers. These are not the types of numbers that generate the results we talk about on our site or that our clients enjoy.

Good 800 vanity numbers are always complete words or phrases.

One practice we spoke with had the number 863-577-VEIN. The practice manager asked us why they should switch to 1-800-VEIN-DOC since they already had a memorable number. In their market alone there were 12 other practices with the word “vein” at the end of their phone number. When we showed the practice manager this she was surprised how many other practices had similar numbers. She admitted that their number was not as memorable as she had once thought and definitely not as memorable as 1-800-VEIN-DOC.

This happens constantly in other industries as well. Another number we license is 1-888-CARPET-CARE. We see company after company with numbers like 866-540-RUGS or 757-433-RUGS.

A study done by D&M Research determined that complete vanity numbers like 1-800-VARICOSE and 1-888-CARPET-CARE generate a 78% higher response than numbers like 303-542-LEGS or 770-212-RUGS. You spend too much on advertising and marketing to not get the best possible response. Only use high quality numbers like the ones Ignition offers.

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